QH Podcast 21 : Michael Biercuk CEO of Q-Ctrl

Professor Biercuk is a global science and technology innovator leading high-impact technical programs in quantum technology. He leads teams in both academia and the technology industry, with a focus on commercializing quantum computing.

Michael has a proven track record of success developing and managing major R&D initiatives within government, academia, and industry, as well as crafting policy at national and international levels. He is experienced in US government science and technology agencies including strategic and technical advisory to DARPA, developing beyond-leading-edge R&D programs across multiple domains.

Michael’s current commercial efforts leading the venture-capital-backed Q-CTRL are supported by experience in a Big-Three management consulting firm. He is a proficient networker and communicator with demonstrated ability to build connections with key stakeholders across academia, the corporate sector, and government.

In speaking engagements, Michael presents an inspirational message about how the future of technology is about to dramatically change, grounded in his role as a practicing scientist at the leading edge of human capability. He speaks frequently and is a regular contributor to both the technical literature and the popular press, providing commentary on the future of technology, technological innovation, and the role of science in society.

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