QH Podcast 17 : Conversations with Mekena Metcalf – Berkeley Lab

QuantumHermit spoke to Mekena Metcalf. She is a researcher at the Berkeley Lab at the University of California, Berkely. Careers interesting her are highly dynamic, spur my creativity, engage her intellectually, and involve interaction and communication between team members, leadership, customers and stakeholders. she is motivated by service to humankind in her profession where she is able to witness my work having a direct impact.

she has take a two-pronged approach with the current (2019) state of quantum computing hardware. The first approach is focused on the development of new quantum algorithms to solve problems with heavy entanglement (aka strongly correlated) using classical methodologies for solving the Anderson impurity model. The thermalization component of this quantum methodology has a broad impact ranging from materials to machine learning to black holes. The second approach is focused on NISQ (Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum) devices, where she is seeking practical applications and demonstrations on quantum hardware to solve something useful for science. This means coding in a language the quantum device can understand and finding routes to circumvent hardware limitations whilst developing an intuition for the nature of these quantum chips.

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