China Telecom Establishes Quantum Security Joint Venture

During the e-Surfing Smart Ecosystem Expo 2020, China Telecom’s deputy general manager Liu Guiqing revealed that China Telecom and QuantumCTek have established a quantum security joint venture to deploy in the quantum security industry in advance.

Liu explained China Telecom’s key goals of scientific and technological innovation, which are promoting innovation results; improving independent core capabilities; continuous increasing investments in scientific and technological innovation; and building a leading professional team.

China Telecom intends to achieve breakthroughs in independent capabilities in five major technological directions, including cloud-network integration, 5G and edge cloud, digitalization, network security, and cutting-edge technologies.

He said that China Telecom was driving the implementation of R&D of cutting-edge technologies such as quantum, and the establishment of the quantum security joint venture with QuantumCTek is a deployment in the quantum security industry in advance.

In addition, China Telecom will promote the construction of a quantum security communication network, and innovate the application of quantum security products, such as quantum security call, quantum security video conference, and quantum security cloud.