Terra Quantum and Novarion have formed a joint venture named QMWare

The Joint Venture operates as QMware and is establishing first ever fully usable Quantum Computing Cloud. This marks a major milestone as for the first-time customers can develop and run Hybrid Quantum Applications Unique to this framework is the inbuilt high-performance Quantum Simulator from Novarion, which functions as a virtual Quantum Processing Unit

The product is a one of a kind ready to use high-performance computing platform, that supports applications starting from machine learning and big data analytics to the underlying in-memory databases. For the first time, QMware’s customers will be able to develop and effectively run completely Hybrid Quantum Applications. QMware is also the first cloud provider to deploy its superior computing technology on the customer’s site. In doing so customers can build Private Quantum Clouds around the world. Through this globality research partners and governmental organizations can build their own secure and highly available Hybrid Quantum Applications.

Advance made in Europe

Despite, the European’s Union anticipation and belief in the potential around Quantum technology, such as by launching ‘The Quantum Technologies Flagship’ in 2018, Europe has been missing out on the commercial opportunities and large-scale adaption of this new technologies. QMware is solving this deficiency as the European answer to breakthrough and accessible quantum computing technology. While companies like IBM, Microsoft and Google are racing to build reliable quantum computers, the European quantum ecosystem is still in its early stages. Deep tech pioneers Terra Quantum and Novarion are substantially contributing to the European build-out through their world-class expertise and launch of the first ever Hybrid Quantum Cloud. Any Application built on QMware’s Hybrid Quantum Cloud today, will also run on upcoming native Quantum Processors. This positions QMware and its Hybrid Quantum Cloud at the forefront of quantum computing technologies, leading the industry forward.

George Gesek, CEO and founder of Novarion Systems, says: “Europe has watched the US Cloud Hyperscalers to take over the Internet for quite a while. Now, the time has come when a disruptive technology from Europe changes the rule of the game: The Quantum Cloud.”

Markus Pflitsch, CEO and founder of Terra Quantum, adds: “QMware is the unique promise to our customers to offer them easy access to Gaia-X (the foundations for a federated, open data infrastructure based on European values) compatible Hybrid Quantum Cloud services in combination with leading-edge Quantum algorithm design as well as Quantum enabled Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques”.

QMware’s Technology Alliance Partnership with its customers aims on know-how transfer and IP security. With every project of QMware, industry partners gain worthwhile insight in their current data and compute intensive applications. The intellectual property created during the project with QMware remains with the customer. QMware is also a profound partner for the licensing of newly developed Quantum computing technologies and thus functions as a platform for the technological enablement of the whole industrial verticals. This is an important aspect for the economic space.