Quantum Computing Inc. Joins the Quantum Economic Development Consortium

Quantum Computing Inc. (OTC:QUBT) (the “Company” or “Quantum Computing”), an advanced technology company developing applications for quantum computers, announced today that the company has been admitted to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-supported Quantum Economic Development Consortium.

The Quantum Economic Development Consortium or QED-C—managed by SRI International— is a government and industry supported initiative to foster collaboration and expand U.S. leadership in the global quantum information science and technology economy. Since its formation in 2018, members of the QED-C now include Corporations such as Amazon, Citi, D-Wave, Google, and IBM; Academic Institutions such as Caltech, the University of Colorado, and the University of Maryland; and Government Entities in addition to NIST such as the Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation. The intent of the consortium includes enabling access to quantum engineering capabilities to efficiently create, test, and validate potential technology platforms and processes.

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