QH Podcast 24: Jeff Cohen of Chicago Quantum on Stock Portfolio Optimization

Quantum Hermit spoke to Jeffery Cohen on his research work to optimize stock portfolios using the Google DWave Annealer.

Jeff has worked for 30 years in IT Management Consulting and IT Professional Services. His focus has always been enterprise IT architecture, computing hardware and facilities, and the labor required to support an IT infrastructure. Jeff brings together his economics and finance education and training with his strong working knowledge of It architecture and IT strategy to help clients reduce their IT costs, outsource their IT services, or evaluate significant IT investments.

Jeff brings a client focus, a strong IT, economics and finance framework, financial services industry knowledge, and technology strategy skills to help clients improve shareholder value.

Jeff has been focused on quantum computing and the Financial Services use-case of portfolio optimization since December 2018. He is hands-on coding quantum annealing computers and classical algorithms to solve portfolio optimization at scale.

​He was an IBM Executive (Global Consulting Partner), Hewlett Packard enterprise Consulting Partner, McKinsey & Company Associate Partner, Siemens Managing Vice President, & KPMG Senior Manager.

Jeff is an IT professional services innovator whose work helps grow IT Consulting and Project businesses. He led progressively larger IT consulting practices (from 11 to 380 consultants and $3M to $447M annual sales).

His research paper on portfolio optimization can be found here :

Listen to the podcast here :