QH Podcast 16: Quantum Chemical Simulations with Scott Genin of OTI Lumionics

QuantumHermit spoken to Dr. Scott Genin. He is the Head of Materials Discovery at OTI Lumionics Inc., where he manages the computational design and synthesis of novel materials for organic light-emitting diodes. As part of his role, he leads the development of algorithms to simulate molecules on quantum computers.

Dr. Genin has a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in Chemical Engineering and multiple publications and patents in a wide range of fields from quantum computing, material science, and biotechnology. OTI Lumionics is a Canadian company that develops novel materials for the OLED industry using simulations. Our main product is the ConducTorrtm, that enables a large size top emission OLED display, a high transparent OLED display and new functions integrated with OLED display such as an under-display camera.

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