QH Podcast 14 : Shahar Keinan from Polaris Quantum Biotech and Dave Snelling of Fujitsu

Quantum Hermit spoke to Shahar Keinan from Polaris Quantum biotech and Dave Snelling from Fujitsu on their collaboration in using Quantum Annealers for Drug discovery.

Shahar Keinan is the Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Polaris QB. She has over 20 years of extensive experience in the field of computational and theoretical chemistry. Shahar has received a Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has numerous papers and presentations in the fields of in-silico drug design and discovery, as well as molecular materials design and computational methods development.

Shahar has been instrumental in the development of the novel Quantum Molecular Design process since its inception at Duke University, and has pioneered the use of the Quantum Molecular Design algorithm to optimize electro-optical materials and protein inhibitors.

Dave Snelling  has a track record of theoretical and practical background being a Lecturer in Computer Science for more than 10 years before starting at Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe – the Research company of Fujitsu before he moved to the CTO Office at Fujitsu. He has been a part of IT Industry for 35 years years

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