QH Podcast 13 : QuantumHermit spoke to Nick Bronn at IBM on Building Quantum Hardware

QuantumHermit spoke to Dr. Nick Bronn, a Research Staff Member in IBM’s Experimental Quantum Computing group at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY. At IBM, Bronn has been responsible for qubit (quantum bits) device design, packaging, and cryogenic measurement, working towards scaling up larger numbers of qubits on a device and integration with novel implementations of microwave and cryogenic hardware. We spoke on IBM’s initiatives on building Quantum Hardware and the software stack for quantum.

A graduate of Georgia Tech (both bachelors and master’s degrees) Bronn has a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Mathematics from Cambridge University as a Gates Cambridge Scholar, and earned a Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics from the University of Illinois, supported in part by a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

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