When Technology Transforms Society: Considering the Societal and Ethical Impacts of Quantum Computing and AI

The Evolution of Privacy: What happens when encryption, secrecy, and privacy are heavily disrupted?

When have modes of secrecy and bastions of privacy been dramatically disrupted in the past?
How does this kind of disruption impact geopolitics?
What roles will QIS and AI play in thwarting or sustaining modes of privacy?
How does this affect an individual’s privacy within a nation-state, and how does this channel into political movements and activist efforts?
Justice and Power Asymmetries: How are technological advances used to subjugate, oppress, or control groups of people?

What cultural disruptions in the past have been caused by significant changes in technology and in computing technology?
What are the common themes of these changes in terms of power asymmetries, an individual’s quality of life, and the concentration of wealth, knowledge, power?
What has been, is, or will likely be the balance between the democratization of power/privilege and the accumulation of power/privilege in the context of technological disruption?
How does a technocratic approach to governance drive policy-making?
What are local community themes for technological colonialism — e.g., gentrification and loss of affordable housing; redlining and education?

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Oct 31 2020


All Day


University of Chicago Eckhardt Research Center (ERC)—Room 161 5640 South Ellis Ave
Chicago, IL 60637